Our Bereavement Support Group

When somebody you love dies - particularly a partner that might have been by your side for many years - it can be a very lonely experience. Sometimes you don't want to burden your immediate family, particularly if they are feeling sad too.

Talking to somebody else in the same situation can really help and can lead to you finding new friends and enjoying new activities.

We understand that you may want a little time to get used to your new situation - but we're here to help and we will tell you about our Bereavement Support Group when you are ready.

We feel strongly that our service at Tester & Jones does not end with the funeral itself. With this in mind, we set up a Bereavement Support Group eight years ago, which now meets every month at Barnsgate Manor. Between them, members enjoy a number of activities - such as walking - and some members have even enjoyed a short break together.

New members can expect a warm and friendly welcome - after all, they know what you're going through.

Here are some comments from members of our Bereavement Support Group:


"The Tester & Jones Bereavement Support Group is exactly what it says, a support group of people who have lost someone very dear. We are all grieving but trying to overcome our loss and our sorrow. It's hard, but we also try to help one another and enjoy ourselves too."

"Tester & Jones have created a wonderful facility to help the bereaved at a very difficult time in their lives. We meet on 2nd Saturday of each month at Barnsgate Manor from 10.30am to midday. We are a mix of people, male and female, from all walks of life with one common bond - the loss of loved ones. We have got to know each other well over coffee and biscuits, and we support each other.

All sorts of activities are arranged from walks, theatre and cinema visits, bowling, short holiday breaks, pub lunches etc. Interesting speakers come to the group sometimes to give advice on finance, homeopathy, acupuncture, relaxation and beauty therapy. New people are always welcomed and immediately accepted into the fold. I look forward to our meetings and thoroughly enjoy them. We are not a gloomy bunch, we laugh and have fun. It is all about helping each other to come to terms with our new lives, our different selves and taking forward steps."

For more information about our Bereavement Support Group, call Glenys on 01892 611811.


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