Keeping loved ones close

After a cremation, if families want to collect their loved ones’ ashes, there are a number of options available about what to do with them. Some people simply take the urn home, some inter it in a family grave or buy a space in a local cemetery. Others scatter the ashes – usually in a favourite spot.

We do, though, offer the option of having some of the ashes made into jewellery or memorial keepsakes – and there are two main ways of doing that.

One way is to buy a piece of jewellery or a crystal keepsake, which includes a section within its design for a small amount of ashes. We offer a selection of silver pendants - including heart-shapes, butterflies and crosses- or crystal keepsakes, a crystal heart with a silver capsule, a silver crystal butterfly or a silver white crystal tealight. The tealight, for instance, has space for some cremation ashes or a lock of hair, and is available in a choice of colours.

Alternatively – and increasingly popular with our families – is to have a small amount of ashes combined with glass. Using the company Ashes into Glass, we can co-ordinate this for you, if you let us know what you’d like. Products available include rings, pendants, cufflinks, earrings, charms for a Pandora bracelet or a paperweight.

Each Ashes into Glass stone is handcrafted and combines your loved one’s ashes with coloured glass crystals and molten glass. Once cooled, the stone is cut, polished and toughened before being set. The metal part of Ashes into Glass jewellery is hand-cast in 9ct gold, sterling silver or white gold. Your jewellery can be diamond-point engraved with your own personal message.

We arranged the funeral of Ann’s mother recently and she has since taken up the option of having some of her Mum’s ashes made into a ring and a pendant, while her sisters and niece have also had jewellery pieces created.

“Glenys and Jo have led us through that process and I am really happy with my ring; I wear it all the time,” says Ann. “The whole Tester & Jones team have worked together to make a really difficult event into something that has good in it too - and I can’t praise them enough for that.”


Posted: 14th of November 2017



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