Meet the team… Alan King

We meet local Crowborough man, Alan King, part of our team here at Tester & Jones:

When did you start working with Tester & Jones and what's your background in terms of a career?
Having previously known Stephen and also worked with Glenys, I joined Tester & Jones in November 2006, as I could see the benefits of a purely independent funeral service within the town.

My foremost career was in banking, which over a period of 36 years, saw me in positions of management throughout the South East. This culminated in the role of branch manager at East Grinstead from which, after seven years, I took advantage of early retirement. Between then and my present role I spent eight years in the legal profession, running the financial aspects of a busy criminal law firm.

What does your role with Tester & Jones involve?
I predominantly assist at funerals, driving the funeral cars and pall-bearing the deceased at services. Sometimes, however, I am privileged to be asked to conduct proceedings, dealing directly with the families, to ensure a smooth and respectful process.

Had you worked with a funeral director before and did you have any misconceptions before you started?
I had already had experience within the profession for almost four years, before a takeover by a national funeral service changed my views on how the profession should move forward.

What do you enjoy most about your role and what are the challenges?
I find that having direct involvement with families during such a difficult time for them gives me a great sense of satisfaction and reward. It means a lot to know that my input is of some comfort to them.

I also greatly enjoy the camaraderie of my fellow colleagues and the opportunity to work together as a team to help families. I can honestly say that of my three professions, this latter stage of my life has been the most rewarding and satisfying.

What do you think sets Tester & Jones apart in terms of the service it provides?
There is no doubt in my mind that the independent nature of Tester & Jones is of the utmost benefit to our local community. The care, respect and compassion shown by Stephen and Glenys is shared throughout the whole staff structure. Long may this continue, as I think we are the best in town!

Outside of work, what are your hobbies and interests?
In my spare time, I love to cook at any opportunity, alongside tending and maintaining an attractive garden. I also belong to a local choir, with my wife Jane, singing and performing popular songs and raising money for local charities.

I also love watching and following any kind of sport and have a penchant for travel, long or short haul. Six grandchildren keep the rest of my time busy!


Posted: 12th of September 2017



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