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When a loved one dies, many of our families look for some way of holding their memory close and we can offer the option of having some of their ashes made into jewellery or memorial keepsakes. There are two main ways of doing that – buying a piece of jewellery or crystal which includes a section within its design for a small amount of ashes (or perhaps a lock of hair); or having a small amount of ashes combined with glass into products including jewellery or perhaps a paperweight.

We also now offer another personalised keepsake which incorporates a loved one’s fingerprint in jewellery or ornaments. This unique service is offered via Life Expressions, which has given Tester & Jones one of its special electronic scanners – which enables one of our team to safely and simply take a fingerprint and send it securely though to Life Expressions.

Our families can then choose between a range of different jewellery and keepsakes on which to have the fingerprint. Unlike ashes – there is no limit to the number of items which can be ordered, so everyone can select something to cherish. 

The range includes pendants – which could also be used to hold a small amount of ashes or a lock of hair. Then, as well as the fingerprint, the back could include a personalised message or even laser etched photograph. 

The selection also includes rings, memory tags and a range of speciality items such as cufflinks, a shot glass or a guitar pick. There’s also giftware including prints and ornaments. Life Expressions can also incorporate the signature of a loved one, take from any piece of paper which has been signed by them. 

One of the latest reviews on Life Expressions’ Facebook page reads: 

“My father passed away in November 2018 and I wanted something special to remember him. I received my Dad’s necklace with his fingerprint on the back and the funeral directors put his ashes in for me. I now have something that will last forever to remember him by and not just memories; thank you so much.”

Life Expressions has more than 90,000 fingerprints on its system. Once somebody’s fingerprint is added, family members can return in the months following a funeral and order more items. 

“We are here to help remember and treasure those who are most important in your life,” says David Gosling from Life Expressions.

If you’d like to find out more, then get in contact with our office on: 01892 611811.






Posted: 23rd of May 2019



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