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Funeral​ Choices

When deciding on the type of funeral you want, either as a plan for yourself or for a loved one, you will have many options to consider.


As an independent funeral director, we are able to accommodate almost any request. Here are just a few of the choices we offer at Tester & Jones:


There are several things to consider when planning a burial. There are a number of cemetery sites in Kent and Sussex where new graves are available and we will be able to determine whether interment will be possible at your desired churchyard, or we can present you with a list of possible options. Alternatively, we can arrange to use an existing family grave site. We can also assist should you want to reserve several plots or one large plot if you want your family to be buried close by. We can also arrange a wide choice of grave stones and beautifully made coffins.


Cremations account for between 80% and 85% of all funerals in the UK. We are able to arrange a cremation at any crematorium in the country and the service may take place in a church or any other place before going to the crematorium. Ashes are normally scattered in the memorial garden of the crematorium, but we will be pleased to assist should you wish them scattered elsewhere. Alternatively, we provide a wide range of modern and traditional urns. All crematoria operate under strict guidelines and are required to observe the Code of Cremation Practice.


There are many misconceptions relating to cremation, so if you have any worries or queries, please call our friendly team who will be happy to advise you.

Green Funerals

In life, many people are concerned about the environment. In death, we are able to continue these sentiments with an eco funeral or green funeral. We can arrange woodland burials in many site, in natural burial grounds, or even your own land. You can choose from natural and biodegradable coffins or remains caskets, made from materials such as wicker or sea grass. Flowers will be sourced locally and car journeys are kept to a minimum.


For more information on what makes our funerals eco-friendly, please contact us.

Special Requests

At Tester & Jones, we have considerable experience in creating bespoke funeral plans for our clients. Whatever you want, whether it be a motorcycle sidecar or a horse-drawn hearse, a VW Campervan, a themed, personalised, or eco-friendly coffin, or even keepsake jewellery, we can arrange it for you


Please contact us or call us on 01892 611811 for more information or any specific requests.

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