Funeral​ Costs

We appreciate that cost can be a factor when organising a funeral and we aim to be transparent, offering you different options depending on your budget or requirements. Please always feel you can approach us to talk about our costs.

When it comes to paying for a funeral, there are services we provide - such as the hire of a hearse and collection of the deceased - and third party disbursements, which include costs related to the crematorium, doctors’ fees and ministers’ fees etc.

Our fees (correct at April 2022)

  • Conveyance of the deceased to our premises from a local nursing home, hospital or private house: £230

  • Our professional service charge, which includes attending to all arrangements, preparation of documentation, liaison with appropriate authorities and care of the deceased prior to the funeral: £1,420

    (For service at Wealden Crematorium: £1,525)


  • Funeral directors’ attendance on the day of the funeral: £140

  • Hire of our hearse: £295

  • Four bearers: £360

TOTAL: £2445

The cost of the coffin is in addition and we have a huge variety to choose between. However, a simple simulated oak veneer coffin is £360 and a Somerset willow coffin is typically £970.



Third party costs and disbursements

These will vary depending on the type of funeral service you require but here are some typical costs:

  • 45-minute service at the crematorium (Tunbridge Wells) £855

  • 1-Hr Service at Wealden Crematorium £885

  • Cost of celebrant or minister, approximately £220

  • Doctors’ fees for cremation certificates £82

Direct Cremation

From £2,062

Although this is a ‘Simple Funeral’ you can rest assured that your loved one will be looked after with the utmost dignity throughout. As mentioned above, there is no funeral service held at the crematorium (although you can organise a ‘celebration of life’ for your loved one).

The price for a Direct Cremation includes our guidance throughout, conveyance of the deceased within a 15mile radius back to our premises in Crowborough , a simple coffin, all relevant paperwork, transportation to the crematorium at a time suitable to ourselves and the direct to cremator service. You can collect your loved one’s ashes afterwards or they can be interred at the crematorium.

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