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A picture is worth a thousand words

Over the past 18 months, we’ve been supporting our families during really difficult circumstances to celebrate the lives of their loved-ones. While some aspects of a funeral service haven’t been possible, one area which many have been focusing on is the order of service.

Recently we’ve looked after families who have chosen bigger format orders of service, with room for lots of photographs of their loved one. We’ve also noticed that families aren’t just selecting the more formal photos to share – such as christening, graduation or wedding images – but the type of casual everyday photos of days with family or friends, simply enjoying life. Today, of course, with camera phones and social media, we have access to so many more relaxed photos of people.

As somebody once said, ‘one picture is worth a thousand words’.

Today, an order of service is so much more than a guide to proceedings, with families using it as an opportunity to pay tribute to their loved one, with photographs from different times in their life. It’s also something which people will keep and return to over the years, taking some quiet time looking at the photos. It is a commemoration of that person’s life.

What we’ve also noticed over the past year or so is that while services at certain times have been limited in terms of people attending, our families are tending to print as many orders of service as usual. If people haven’t been able to attend the service due to these restrictions, or they are elderly or live abroad, then they are being sent an order of service to read and keep.

Also, with the opportunity to watch the service live, other people have found having a copy of the order of service while they watch from home has made them feel much more part of the event. On top of that, people who have been unable to attend have been grateful to receive a copy of the order of service to remember that person.

We appreciate that an order of service should really reflect that person, so here at Tester & Jones we can support you to create something which special for you.

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