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Bespoke memorial jewellery

Here at Tester & Jones we have recently started to offer memorial jewellery from EverWith. This company specialises in creating beautiful, bespoke keepsakes in memory of a loved one.

We’ve got a small selection in our office to show families – but the company offers over 200 different products, including rings, charm beads, lockets, cufflinks, earrings, pendants and bracelets. Its entire range is made with 925 Sterling Silver or 9k Gold (Yellow, White or Rose) and a lot of love and craftsmanship goes into every piece.

The team of craftspeople at EverWith blends a tiny amount of your loved one’s ashes with a special resin in your chosen colour. Each of the crafted pieces of jewellery contains one or more chambers, where the resin containing the ashes or hair are carefully added layer upon layer. There are many delicate stages to the process and, when finished, the resin has the appearance of a glossy stone containing the ashes suspended within like floating flakes. The final outer layer is extremely hard and durable to protect the resin and its precious contents.

The are 12 resin colours to choose between which allows families to create a truly unique and individual piece of jewellery. Some pieces of jewellery can also be engraved.

At Tester & Jones, we will look after the process of sending the small amount of your loved one’s ashes and/or a lock of hair.

EverWith also has a new range of engraved memorial jewellery which allows you to create a unique personalised tribute to remember someone special. Engraving options include standard script or personalised handwriting, hand or footprints, fingerprints, drawings or photos.

Please do pop in to look at the examples we have here in the office or to pick up an EverWith brochure.

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