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Feeling part of the service

With the current restrictions on the number of people who can attend a service at a crematorium, we would like to remind families that it is possible to live stream a service from the Kent & Sussex Crematorium in Tunbridge Wells.

This is a facility which has been in place for a number of years and has proved useful to friends and relations who live abroad or who can’t attend a service for any reason.

Kent & Sussex Crematorium offers a media system that can be used to broadcast the funeral service privately and securely over the internet. This means that friends and relatives can view the service anywhere in the world.

The funeral service can be viewed either ‘live’ on the day by logging in at the correct time, or ‘on demand’ up to seven days after the service – which might be useful if it’s the middle of the night in another country or somebody is having to work.

You’ll be given a unique username and password that you can pass onto friends and relatives of your choosing.

Of course, it will never replace the connection of being with friends and family – but, for some, it does offer a chance to feel ‘part of the day’, particularly at the moment.

We can also arrange for the service to be recorded and put on a disk for the family. This could prove comforting for somebody who wants to watch the service again privately in their own home or could perhaps be shared with an elderly friend or relative in due course.

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