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Meet... Joanne Welfare

We are happy to share the news that Joanne Welfare has joined our team here at Tester & Jones Funeral Services as a funeral arranger.

She began her career in corporate banking in London, while has most recently worked in childcare, focusing on special needs.

Joanne knew Tester & Jones from living in Crowborough for 30 years and has used our services in the past.

“I knew I wanted a change in my career but wasn’t completely sure what I wanted to do,” says Joanne. “It was actually at my brother’s funeral, while chatting to Stephen, that I suddenly thought I’d like to do something in the funeral business myself. After that, a job came up and I applied.”

Since she’s joined, Joanne has been learning about what’s involved with arranging a funeral, while also helping to organise some ashes interments.

“I think quite a few people were surprised that I wanted to work in funerals, thinking it would be a bit morbid but, honestly, it’s such a lovely team environment here,” says Joanne. “Also, it’s just so interesting, as there’s so much involved in organising a funeral and everything associated with that. I’m being so supported here to learn and the team are always happy to answer any questions I might have. It’s a wonderful new challenge and everyone has been so lovely.”

She continues: “Initially I sat in on a number of arrangements to understand the process, but now I’m in the position to arrange funerals myself, with support if I need it. The team has also taken me round to various churches, chapels and cemeteries etc to see how things are laid out and also how our memorial service works. Now, when I speak to families, I can talk from personal experience.”

Having already been one of the families which Tester & Jones has supported, Joanne says: “They were so supportive and there to take the heavy weight away from us. They are always ready to go that extra mile to make the service the way a family wants for their particular ‘goodbye’.”

She continues: “Now I’m working here, I can see how much everyone cares for the family while, in addition, how the whole team itself is supported.”

When she’s not at work, Joanne enjoys walking, yoga and socialising with friends. She also loves travelling and has been to Italy recently, with a trip to Morocco on the horizon.

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