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Memorial masons

Visit a graveyard and it gives a real glimpse into the past. You’ll probably discover people with familiar names and wonder what the lives they led were like. For family and friends, memorials are a way of remembering someone who has passed and offer comfort to people during their time of bereavement.

Here at Tester & Jones, our services don’t end with the funeral itself. We offer memorial mason services, which means we can assist with every step of creating a fitting memorial, whether it is to be placed in a cemetery or churchyard.

Choosing a memorial can be a very important part of the bereavement process, as it is a focus for many years to come; somewhere to visit and to remember. We offer help and guidance whether your requirements are for a new memorial, plaque or headstone for a loved one or the refurbishment of an existing memorial. We are also able to offer expert advice on local authority and church regulations.

We offer a wide range of styles from decorative headstones to memorial plaques and can help with choosing the right wording for the inscription. Decorative carvings and photo plaques are also possible in certain places should you wish.

The types of memorials you can choose between are wide and include book style, heart style and hand carved memorials. We offer a choice of different stones and lettering to create a special memorial to your loved one.

You’ll want to include the name of your loved one – sometimes their formal name and the name they were more commonly known by - their date of birth and death and some words, perhaps a poem.

You can view our memorial brochure on our website or send us a picture of a design that you would like for a more bespoke memorial.

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