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More than just an order of service

Updated: Dec 1, 2020

During this difficult time when funeral services are restricted to 30 people, you might think that our families would order fewer copies of the order of service for their loved one’s funeral. However, this hasn’t been the case.

As many family members and friends are unable to attend a service at the moment – and this could not just be because of the limit on numbers, it might be that they live abroad or are shielding - then we’ve found that families are asking us to print copies of the order of service which they can send out to these people.

Also, with the opportunity to watch the service live, other people have found having a copy of the order of service while they watch from home has made them feel much more part of the event. On top of that, people who have been unable to attend have appreciated receiving a copy of the order of service to remember that person.

Today, an order of service is so much more than a guide to proceedings, with families using it as an opportunity to pay tribute to their loved one, with photographs from different times in their life. It’s also something which people will keep and return to over the years. Some people find it comforting to re-read a poem which was read at the service or perhaps remind themselves of the music or a hymn played at the service and listen to it again to feel close to that person. Alternatively, they might just want some quiet time looking at the photos included in the order of service. It is a commemoration of that person’s life.

We can offer a variety of design options for our orders of service and, again, these can reflect that person. For instance, people can include a flower on the front and it might be one which that person really loved – such as a sweet pea or a forget-me-not. A photo of a place they particularly loved could also be included in the design or an image which reflects a hobby they enjoyed – perhaps a steam train or a football. There really is a huge amount of choice. Of course, if families would prefer a more simple design, we can support them with that as well.

We appreciate that an order of service should really reflect that person, so here at Tester & Jones we can support you to create something special for you.

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