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Nothing was too much trouble

We were very proud to receive this review on Google recently (the funeral took place before the current restrictions):

“When my 102-year old mother passed away, I wanted a very personal funeral which reflected the amazing life that she had led. I looked at the funeral directors in Crowborough and was surprised to find that Tester & Jones was the only independent company.

From the moment I walked into their modern offices, I knew that we were in good hands. On my initial visit, Lorna was truly wonderful - providing sympathy and respect, and more importantly at that moment, a cup of coffee. We sat on a comfortable sofa discussing my requirements and it was all so easy.

She then progressed everything perfectly, nothing was too much trouble, and I could concentrate fully on arranging the guests, the wake, the registrar and the other administrative minutiae that surrounds the death of a loved family member.

As expected, the funeral went off perfectly and it was a joyful event, with guests wearing bright colours and Hawaiian shirts, befitting my mother's fun-loving character.

Tester & Jones choreographed the event brilliantly. Everyone said it was the best funeral they had ever attended - my mother would have been so sorry not to have been able to enjoy it herself. Thank you Tester & Jones, Lorna, Stephen, and the pall-bearers. A job well done!

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