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Our small Bereavement Group restarts

Updated: Jun 22, 2021

We are so pleased that we’ve managed to restart our smaller Bereavement Group; it met recently at St John’s Church Hall. This smaller group offers a chance for people more recently bereaved to meet others in a similar situation.

Once they’ve attended a few sessions, we generally then offer them the opportunity – if they’d like - to come along to our larger group which, pre-Covid times, would meet once a month on a Saturday morning. We are currently looking at how to relaunch our main group, taking into account the current restrictions.

The smaller group, led by Glenys Jones, not only provides a chance to meet others, but we offer some useful practical advice on moving forward after the death of a loved-one. In addition, the sessions are supported by Sue Carswell, who is a trained counsellor and can signpost our members to any further help they might require in terms of emotional support.

Our next smaller Bereavement Group meeting will also include a short walk on the Ashdown Forest. Not only will members be able to enjoy the beautiful scenery but some folk find it easier to chat as they’re walking along, than in the more ‘formal’ setting of a room. We are sometimes also joined by members’ furry friends – and they are probably best of all at encouraging a conversation.

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