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SAIF’s new Business Standards Scheme

Here at Tester & Jones, we are very proud to be a long-time member of our industry association SAIF. Not only do they inspect us regularly (we passed its ‘Quality Assurance Inspection’ in the summer) but we are also expected to conform to its strict Code of Practice.

Always keen that the public receive a first-class service from all the independent funeral directors which are its members and follow best practice, SAIF has recently also launched its Business Standards Scheme.

As SAIF explains: “We are raising the bar on client user journeys through unrivalled business advice and support.”

There are seven ways this new scheme will benefit the families we look after, as well as us as a firm.

1 Officially recognised

SAIF’s Quality Assurance Programme has achieved ISO9001 certification, giving clients the confidence that our business is operating to the highest globally-recognised independent and externally verified standards.

2 Outstanding business development

Our business is continually improving thanks to SAIF’s nurturing approach, which helps us to deliver best practice across our firm.

3 Incredible value and low risk

SAIF’s standards scheme is embedded at the heart of our SAIF membership.

4 Peer support and expert guidance

SAIF inspections are conducted by experienced independent funeral directors, who understand the challenges we face.

5 Transparent regulation

Implemented and managed by SAIF Business Centre, the standards align with the UK Government’s current position of supporting self-regulation of the funeral profession.

6 Compatible with statutory rules across the UK

SAIF’s new Code of Practice, underpinned by its Quality Assurance Programme, has been designed to help independent funeral directors comply with a range of rules and regulations, including the Competition and Markets Authority Order and the Ministry of Justice.

7 Led by funeral professionals

SAIF’s standard scheme has been developed by professionals with many years’ experience in the sector, either running their own funeral homes or managing premises on behalf of others.

If you’ve got any questions at all, call us on: 01892 611811.

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