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Sharon and Kim complete another course

Here at Tester & Jones, training and development for our team is regarded as a priority. This was highlighted once again when Sharon Middleton and Kim Eastwood were presented with certificates for successfully completing the Foundation – Funeral Practitioner Course, delivered by the IFD (Independent Funeral Directors’) College.

Chris Parker, formerly Principal of the IFD College for 27 years, and now a Governor of the College and its Internal Quality Verifier (with responsibility for signing off all students' work), came to our offices in Crowborough to present Sharon and Kim with their certificates.

“Training in the funeral industry has always been important but it is even more key, as we are facing a regulated industry – which will no doubt require CPD and professional training,” Chris explained. “The IFD College provides an invaluable service to independent funeral directors, such as Tester & Jones, offering a range of training from practical skills and health & safety to arranging funerals. There are courses for everyone – from those people supporting families to those working behind the scenes.”

The courses are delivered both online and in-person and Sharon and Kim attended this course in Tonbridge.

“I really applaud the commitment Tester & Jones puts into training its team,” added Chris. “It not only emphasises the fact that the firm invests in its staff – and that’s important in any industry – but it gives families who walk through the door additional confidence that they are dealing with a professional firm.”

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