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Taking the time

When planning a funeral, families often worry about picking a date which is convenient for everyone involved. While people often want to arrange a date as quickly as possible, there isn’t a huge pressure to do that. In fact, funerals can take around three weeks to organise and sometimes longer, particularly if the coroner is involved for some reason.

During the pandemic, it wasn’t possible for family members who live overseas to attend funerals but, with restrictions lifting, we are now seeing families who want to make sure that a funeral date works for people who have to book flights and get the necessary travel documents in place.

It might be that a close family member has a holiday booked that might be difficult to move or they are already away travelling and we do our best to work round those requirements too.

With enough notice, it’s usually possible to book a funeral day and time which best suits our families. Some prefer to book a slot in the morning, as they don’t feel they want to spend time a lot of time waiting for the service or perhaps they want to organise a reception afterwards over lunch. Other people are aware of friends and family travelling a distance and therefore favour a time later in the day.

Some people ask us to book a service on a Monday or a Friday, which again can be seen as more convenient if people are travelling and can use the weekend to do that.

It might be that we are asked to work a funeral date around another family event which can’t be moved, such as a family wedding or, indeed, another funeral.

If there’s a reason that a funeral really needs to be postponed, we can support a family in holding a simple service for close family and friends, with a larger memorial at a later date.

Whatever your requirements, we’ll work with you to find the best day and time for your loved one’s service.

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