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Team effort

We are delighted to have recently become a sponsor of our local football club, Crowborough Athletic. You can now see our logo on the Club’s website and a banner has gone up at the ground.

At the moment, grassroots football is suspended until at least early December.

“While this is obviously disappointing for everyone at Crowborough Athletic, we’re in a good place both on and off the pitch,” the Club says. “The reason we’re in a good place is down to the tremendous efforts, commitment and generosity of everyone associated with the club.”

“We’ve played football in Crowborough since 1894 and we plan to be playing football for many years to come. We know that with the support and commitment we’ve seen over the summer and into the autumn, we’re ready for anything and we’ll see you all again very soon.”

Find out more about the Club here.

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Nov 16, 2020

It has managed to match the performance of many other expensive soundbars while keeping the price very low.

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