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The Jeremy Vine Show

Did you listen to the section on Jeremy Vine’s BBC Radio 2 show on Tuesday 21 February about direct cremations and has it left you with some questions? We are sure we can answer them.

In his introduction, Jeremy explained that, during this cost-of-living crisis, people are being tempted by the cost saving which a direct cremation can represent.

Jeremy welcomed two guests – somebody from one of the UK’s dedicated direct cremation firms and a minister. Both argued why having a direct cremation and alternatively opting for a more ‘traditional’ service could be better. At the end of the day though, it comes down to choice and we work with families looking to organise both types of service.

However, we felt it wasn’t made clear in the interview that families opting for the direct cremation route don’t have to use one of the national businesses which advertise on television or online – you can come to us.

At Tester & Jones, we offer direct cremations – but unlike the dedicated direct cremation firms – you will meet us in person and we can support you to tailor the arrangements to reflect any wishes your loved one or your family have.

You can be assured that our high standards of care and respect will be provided. Your loved one will be looked after by us at our premises and we will ensure you understand each step of the funeral pathway. Your loved one’s ashes will then be returned to us and kept safely here until you feel ready to collect them.

While it’s understandable that some people – including those who called the Jeremy Vine show - were attracted by a cost-effective funeral, it’s not always clear what you are signing up for and what will actually happen to your loved one.

One caller explained that her father had ‘insisted that he wanted a direct cremation [organised with a national firm], with no service and nobody crying over him’.

She told Jeremy: “We had no say over when it [the cremation] would happen or where it would happen. He was literally sent to a crematorium somewhere up the M1, where I had to go and collect the ashes from afterwards.”

The representative from the direct cremation firm stated ‘much in the same way as weddings have evolved, people now feel much more confident to take control of that themselves, without the aid of professional strangers’.

When it comes to our team at Tester & Jones, we are certainly professional but we wouldn’t ever describe ourselves as ‘strangers’, particularly in the Crowborough community, where we are about to enter our 20th year in business.

Please do talk to us before signing up with an online provider, as we can offer competitive cost-effective funerals and direct cremations. Call on tel: 01892 611811 with any questions – or drop into our office.

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