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Why we’re a member of SAIF

Here at Tester & Jones, we have been a member of SAIF since we were established. To the families we support, it signals our independence, means we are regularly inspected, adhere to the organisation’s strict Code of Practice and can also offer SAIF Care bereavement support. But why did we decide to join in the first place and why, as we approach our 20th anniversary, do we remain an active member?

The benefits of SAIF membership are myriad. As an independent funeral director, SAIF gives us access to other members all over the UK who are running similar businesses to our own. Over the years and, having attended many SAIF meetings, we have built some really strong relationships with other funeral directors. It’s good to be able to meet up and share our experiences. Every now and again, there are business challenges – particularly as our industry is facing new regulation – and it’s good to talk to other business owners a similar situation. In addition to national events, SAIF holds regional meet-ups.

As a member of SAIF, we are regularly inspected and bound by its strict Code of Practice and that’s useful to us as owners. It provides us with very clear guidelines surrounding how to run our business in an ethical and professional manner.

An important benefit of our membership is the advocacy and lobbying work which SAIF does on behalf of its members. Particularly as our industry starts to become more regulated – SAIF makes sure that, collectively, our voice is being heard by the UK parliament (as well as the other three nation parliaments).

SAIF has been particularly helpful in guiding us through the requirements of the CMA Funerals Market Investigation Order 2021, which focuses on price transparency and giving families access to price information in branch and online. We wanted to make sure we got it right and SAIF has been really helpful.

As direct cremations are becoming more prominent, SAIF has also supported its members, such as Tester & Jones, as we remind families that we can offer low cost alternative funerals too. In addition, SAIF membership gives us access to a number of different types of business support if we need them, as well as various discounts from member partners which service our industry.

SAIF isn’t just there to assist the people running the business, it also provides support to our team members. The organisation offers its own training and education, while we have access to discounted training through The Independent Funeral Directors (IFD) College. As we’ve mentioned before, any team members who are struggling can access SAIF Support.

Of course, while this blog is focusing on the benefits Tester & Jones receives as a member of SAIF – these are benefits which filter down to our families.

Find out more about SAIF here.

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