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If a cremation is chosen for your loved one, then we will discuss with you the various options that are available regarding their ashes. However, this is a decision that does not have to be made immediately and we can give you the time you need to reflect.


In the days after a cremation, we can collect the ashes for you and store them at our premises. It might be that you decide to have all the ashes interred or you might want to scatter them at a favourite place. You may simple wish to select an urn and take the ashes away with you.


The ashes can be split – if you want them scattered in more than one place perhaps or you might want to keep a small amount which can be made into jewellery or a keepsake. Again, we will explain all the options available to you.


For more information about the wide variety of caskets and urns, or keepsake jewellery, visit the pages below:





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