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Tester & Jones Bereavement Group

Understanding the impact the loss of a loved one can have, we set up a Bereavement Support Group in 2008, which has regularly met every month. Because it was so successful, people didn’t want to leave, so we now have 2 groups. One meets the second Saturday of each month, the other the last Wednesday of the month. We enjoy many social activities, such as Theatre Trips, Walking Groups, Getaway Breaks and Group Lunches.


New members can expect a warm and friendly welcome - after all, they know what you're going through.

Here are some comments from members of our Bereavement Support Group:

Tester & Jones Support Group Testimonials

"The Tester & Jones Bereavement Support Group is exactly what it says, a support group of people who have lost someone very dear.


We are all grieving but trying to overcome our loss and our sorrow.


It's hard, but we also try to help one another and enjoy ourselves too."


Bereavement Support Group


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