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Many people chose to be cremated and we can help you with plans for a cremation, working closely with our local crematoriums to organise services there. Tunbridge Wells is our nearest crematorium - but we also conduct funerals in Crawley, Brighton, Eastbourne, Maidstone and Hastings.


Services at a crematorium can last 30 minutes or can be extended to up to an hour, if required.

The service can be accompanied by live music - such as a soloist, flautist, jazz band or bagpipe player, or simply an organist. Alternatively, a vast library of music is available to choose from or the piece can be ordered if not available in the library. Of course, you may know somebody who you'd like to play at the service and that would make the service a particularly personal one.

Call us on 01892 611 811 for a no obligation chat.



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