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Afternoon visit

Our offices have recently been refurbished, so it seemed like a good time to open our doors to local businesses and organisations - to see our premises for themselves, as well sharing more about the support and services we provide.

In what will be a series of 'discovery sessions' our first visitors were team members from Heather View Care Home, just up the road from us. Stephen welcomed everyone and said that the Tester & Jones team was ready to answer their questions. He also explained that Tester & Jones is a member of SAIF independent funeral directors - which means the firm is independent and also has to adhere to the association's strict code of conduct.

He added that, through SAIF, families get access to bereavement care (SAIF Care), while team members at Tester & Jones can get help through SAIF Support.

The team from Heather View were keen to learn as much as possible and explained:

"Our families often ask us what happens to our residents once they die and are under the care of a funeral director. Coming here today means we can help them to understand the next steps - particularly if they come into the care of Tester & Jones. Families also ask us what they'll need for their first appointment with a funeral director, as well as lots of other questions. We'd also like to know for ourselves, as we become very close to our residents and really care about what happens to them next."

Stephen reassured the team from Heather View that the care the deceased receive from Tester & Jones is second to none - and that is something which SAIF are very strict about in their code of conduct.

The Heather View visitors broke into two groups and had a guided tour, which included the mortuary, the coffin room, the chapel of rest, the arranging lounges and the garage where the hearse and funeral cars are kept.

"It was a pleasure to welcome everyone into our workplace," said Stephen. "We feel confident that they went away understanding more about what we do for their residents at the end of their life and how the respect we know Heather View shows their residents is continued when they come to Tester & Jones."

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