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Another chapel

The majority of us will, at some point, have attended a funeral service in the main crematorium chapel in Tunbridge Wells. But, did you know that there’s another chapel in the grounds which families can use?

The cemetery chapel is an older, more traditional building, and has seating for 55 people, creating a more intimate setting. The main chapel seats 90 people, with an option for further seating in the waiting room.

The cemetery chapel is actually a twin chapel – with an archway between for carriages - but its sister chapel is currently not in use but maintained by Friends of Tunbridge Wells Cemetery.

Tunbridge Wells Cemetery was opened in October 1873 and the chapel dates from that time. It was built with sandstone quarried from Frant Forest on which it stands.

The Grade II Listed chapel was refurbished and brought back into use around five years ago. As services aren’t held back to back in this chapel, it could be an option for a child’s service or for a family who wants more privacy, for some reason. There is also an option to personalise the space a little with candles, for instance.

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