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Caring for your loved one

When a team from a local care home came in for a cup of tea and one of ‘discovery sessions’ recently, we outlined the care we provide to the deceased who has been entrusted to our care.


Afterwards, one of the care team said: "Our families often ask us what happens to our residents once they die and are under the care of a funeral director. Coming here means we can help them to understand the next steps - particularly if they come into the care of Tester & Jones. We'd also like to know for ourselves, as we become very close to our residents and really care about what happens to them next."


Stephen reassured them that the care the deceased receive from Tester & Jones is second to none. As long-time members of SAIF, the association for Independent Funeral Directors, Tester & Jones Funeral Services has to comply with its strict Code of Practice and our premises and operations are also regularly inspected.


At this time there are no statutory requirements for a funeral director in the UK to be inspected and, while there is a general belief that funeral directors are regulated in some way, the process of regulation is still at a relatively early stage.


Currently in the UK, SAIF is the only trade association which requires members to meet the highest level of standards through its ISO9001 certified inspection programme.


Here at Tester & Jones, we passed our most recent inspection with flying colours. At that time, every area of our business was inspected, from our premises to our administration practices. Our health, safety and hygiene were also assessed, as well as our day-to-day operations.


SAIF states: “Whilst the quality of funeral service providers can vary greatly, choosing a funeral director is made a much easier task by ensuring that, like Tester & Jones, they are a member of SAIF. It is your guarantee that their business has been fully inspected and complies with the strictest Code of Practice.”


We recognise though that adhering to the SAIF Code of Practice is only part of the story. Families want to know that their loved one is being looked after with kindness and care and treated with dignity. At Tester & Jones, they are and your loved one remains safely with us in Crowborough from the moment we collect them to the moment they leave for their funeral.


If our families wish to come and spend some time with their loved one, we arrange the preparation on our premises, dress them in whatever clothing families wish and look after personal details, such as washing their hair, shaving them and applying appropriate make-up, which could be their favoured shade of lipstick and nail polish.


If you’d like to see the SAIF full code of practice, you can view it here (don’t hesitate to contact us if you’ve got any further questions): 01892 611811.





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