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Donations in memory of a loved-one

When somebody dies, we often like to make a donation in their memory – particularly if it’s a charity related to a health issue that person was affected by or it’s a cause they supported. Here at Tester & Jones, we are ready to help families to collect these donations.

While we can take physical donations at a funeral service and have a branded donation box for that purpose, the majority of people find it more straightforward to donate online nowadays.

If families agree, we can add details of their loved one’s funeral to the ‘donations and tributes’ page on our website. Here we can include details about when and where the funeral is, whether flowers are being accepted and, more often nowadays, a link to watch the service online.

It’s possible to add a fundraising link and it’s quick, easy and secure to donate. This section is run for us by the MuchLoved Charitable Trust. This was launched by Jonathan Davies in 1998 following the death of his brother and, shortly afterwards, his mother. Finding very limited online resources to help with his own grief, Jonathan was inspired to design a web-based tribute service for others.

Since its launch MuchLoved has raised an incredible £90 million for good causes!

The MuchLoved tribute service enables family and friends to add pictures, music and video, as well as light virtual candles to help you create a truly special and unique tribute site. As well as being easy to donate, MuchLoved has made it possible to collect Gift Aid for UK charities.

Click here to find out more: Donations and tributes

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