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Growing support

Updated: Jul 3, 2019

Earlier in the year, we signed up to SAIFCare, a scheme launched as part of a partnership between trade association, The National Society of Allied and Independent Funeral Directors (SAIF) – of which we are a member - and bereavement support specialist Professional Help. The scheme was launched in response to the growing awareness of the need for many people to seek support following the death of a close friend or relative.

In last month's issue of Insight - the magazine for SAIF members - Catherine Betley from SAIFCare gave an update on how the roll-out of the scheme is progressing since its formal launch in March.

She explains: "We have been delighted to welcome well in excess of 125 SAIF member businesses to the service. Through this network of more than 260 funeral director branches offering the SAIFCare services, we are able to offer bereaved people right across the UK appropriate and timely care and counselling following their bereavement.

We have seen the number of referrals to the service increase on a month by month basis and have so far certainly been supporting the sharp end of the bereavements faced by the families SAIF members serve.

We are working with quite a large number of individuals bereaved in particularly difficult or complex circumstances and we know that while we can't fix their pain or change what has happened, we can walk beside them as they begin to navigate through their grief and look towards a different but still hopeful future."

Read more about SAIFCare here.

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