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The Brandenburg Concertos

The biennial Mayfield Festival of Music & Arts is taking place from 26 April to 12 May. Part of the event this year will feature the complete Brandenburg Concertos by JS Bach. According to the festival programme, the six concertos are considered among the ‘pinnacle of Baroque composition’.


Bach composed the Brandenburg Concertos in 1721 at a time of transition in this life. He’d enjoyed a tremendous run as music director in the court of the German Prince Leopold but his job security was beginning to look uncertain. It was against this backdrop that he composed these six works for Christian Ludwig, the Margrave of Brandenburg (then a territory in the Kingdom of Prussia).


The concerts are spread over two days and Tester & Jones is proud to be sponsoring the first concert on Monday 29 April at St Dunstan’s Church in Mayfield. The evening will include the Brandenburg Concertos No 2, No 4 and No 5, as well as JS Bach’s Coffee Cantata and Handel’s Eternal Source of Light Divine.


Conductor and harpsichordist Jack Gonzalez-Harding directs a team of world-renowned period soloists in this performance, including Piers Adams (recorder), Julia Bishop (violin), Daniel Swani (flute) and Adrian Woodward (natural trumpet).


To book tickets and join us on Monday 29 April (and to find out more about the other concerts this year), visit: 

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