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Meet the team… Lorna Ashworth

Updated: Feb 22, 2021

Here we introduce you to our Canadian colleague Lorna - who is often the first person families will speak to when they come through our door or give us a call. 

When did you start working with Tester & Jones and what's your background in terms of a career? I started working with Tester & Jones in October 2017 and it was a new chapter for me. For the previous 12 years I had been heavily involved with the national governing body of the Church of England – the General Synod and its various legislative bodies. My degree and MA in theology have supported this work and interest in the engagement between faith and the ‘public square.’

What does your role with Tester & Jones involve?

My role primarily involves assisting families in planning and arranging a fitting farewell for their loved one. Part of this includes practical administration. The other, the privilege of supporting people through what can feel like a suspended reality from the time someone passes away until the time of the funeral.

Had you worked with a funeral director before and did you have any misconceptions before you started?

I have not worked at a funeral director before, but losing my own mother when she was 61, introduced me to the care and support you can receive during this difficult period. No misconceptions per se, but an awareness that there would be much to learn.

What do you enjoy most about your role?

I genuinely enjoy the opportunity to serve people, helping them to navigate their way through this initial stage of loss.

What do you think sets Tester & Jones apart in terms of the service they provide?

I have been most impressed by the commitment of Tester & Jones to every family that comes through the door. Glenys and Stephen have set the bar high in the industry - not settling for second best. This extends outward to their involvement in and support of the local community.

Outside of work, what are your hobbies and interests?

I love being a part of my local church and reading books on theological subjects. Other than that, my husband, three children and the dog keep me on my toes.

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