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Woollen coffins and urns

We know many of our families are considering greener funerals and alternative materials for coffins and urns. We’ve offered materials such as Somerset willow, water hyacinth, banana leaf, bamboo and seagrass, as well as cardboard for a little while. Now, our families have the option of natural woollen coffins as well.

These natural coffins are created using pure new wool, supported on a strong recycled cardboard frame. They are suitable for both burial and cremation and offer a more rounded coffin shape. Wool is annually renewable and truly sustainable, while being fully biodegradable.

Expertly woven in Yorkshire, the coffins are handmade on the same premises that has produced woollen cloth for over 230 years. Each coffin interior is lined with cotton, edged with jute and completed with a soft cotton covered pillow. The exterior is finished with a beautiful blanket stich detail, jute handles and simple wooden toggle fastenings.

The same company also crafts ashes urns, which have a secondary internal box, which can be removed for scattering or burial. This means the beautiful outer could be kept as a memory box.

Both the coffins and the urns can be supplied with a delicately stitched personalised name plate, attached with two wooden toggles. They are available in natural (white) or limestone (grey).

We have some examples of woollen urns in our office, if you’re interested in finding out more.

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